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The Different Types of Copywriting Roles / Jobs

Copywriting is a broad subject. There are different kinds of copywriting disciplines found in different kinds of work environments. Here is an overview of both to help people get into copywriting and plan in which direction to head in the future.

Work Environments 

Traditional Creative Advertising Agencies
When most people think of copywriting, they think of ad agencies, and copywriters working with art directors, and TV and print ads. This type of copywriting environment is the most difficult to get into. But there are others:

Traditional Direct Marketing Advertising Agencies
Similar to traditional, creative advertising agencies, although the copywriting is focused more on a more direct, sales-style copywriting approach.

Companies In-house
Many companies have a copywriter or group of copywriters that focus on content or a method of communication very much suited to the particular company or brand. The sort of work these copywriters might do includes: sales copywriting, writing sales brochures, online PR copywriting, content copywriting, SEO copywriting, blogging, in general, and more.

Digital Agencies
Copywriting is now a well established discipline in digital agencies and digital work environments in general. The range of copywriting disciplines in digital agencies is broad: web, social media, content marketing, SEO and more.

Integrated Agencies
Integrated agencies are advertising agencies that cover both traditional-advertising and digital-advertising-agency work. The scope for different type of copywriting work is, perhaps, biggest in integrated advertising agencies. This makes copywriting more varied (and interesting) but at the same time, demands more flexibility in work practices and a great knowledge of the advertising industry in general.

Copywriting Disciplines

Marketing Copywriting
Marketing copywriting is a general term for writing copy that creates brand awareness / communicates a brand message to an audience. This is really more of a term than a job title. Marketing copywriting is a basic skill that all copywriters should aim to master. It is found in all areas of advertising / marketing / media agencies in general, as well as in companies in-house.

Digital marketing copywriting 

  • Content Writing
    For general articles, guides, blogging posts, and so on. Now a big growth area.
  • Social media copywriting
    For Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others. Like content marketing, big growth area.
  • Email copywriting
    Writing subject lines and copy in general
  • Seo Copywriting
    Focusing on key words for search engine search.
  • Creative¬†Copywriting
    Writing headlines for banners, creative concepts, marketing copy, copy for website in general, and so on

Sales Copywriting
is more focused on getting the audience to perform some action after reading the copy (i.e at best, buying a product) than mere brand awareness / brand communication as in marketing copywriting. Most roles in sales copywriting are in direct marketing agencies, companies in-house and digital and integrated advertising agencies. The usual copywriting skills / abilities apply, plus some sort of experience of working in a sales environment is useful. 

PR Copywriting
PR copywriting is something that a PR person would normally incorporate with general PR work. People involved in PR copywriting often have a strong background in journalism (or, at least, a background in journalism certainly helps).
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  1. Nice post! The ideas and insights are very worth reading. You really gave me valuable information. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Aurelius. Thanks for the comment!

  3. This post is really really useful – thanks for sharing.

    I just have a quick question regarding the above – I have been offered a graduate position on a marketing scheme for a bluechip company. This role will give me a good overview of the field in general. However, my first love is really writing and I have some copywriting experience (albiet limited) on my CV. Would going into this sort of graduate role and rigorously learning about/ being involved with the finer details of the marketing world help or hinder me if I want to move over into a copywriting based role in future?

    Any advice welcome!! Thanks

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